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KUAW will broadcast to the local community and train community organizations, churches and students to better inform Metro KC on what is happening in their neighborhoods 

This is a Community Capital Fund (CCF) -approved and -supported project that was awarded a CCF Neighborhood Opportunity Grant because of the impact it will have in building neighborhood capacity and revitalizing our community. CCF has awarded Black Family Technology Awareness Association (BFTAA) a total of $19,626 for the KUAW FM Community Radio Station, where 75% of the award ($14,719) is provided as seed funding for the crowdfunding campaign. It’s up to supporters like you to contribute 10% ($1,963) so they can receive the 10% match from Cerner and the 5% CCF bonus ($2,944). Thank you for supporting this impactful project!

KUAW (Knowledge Understanding and Wisdom) FM Community Radio Station is a low power FM radio station to inform the community on events, opportunities, and education available to them locally. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will KUAW broadcast over the FM band and the internet?

    Yes we are raising money to build our antenna and expand our broadcasting range. We will start broadcasting on FM 98.5 later in 2016 after we build the antenna. Until then listen on the internet at www.KUAW.org.

  • What does KUAW offer and local newspapers do not?

    KUAW will provide the liver interaction and personal appeal that a community calendar cannot.

  • Why is a local radio station needed in KC?

    KUAW is focused on local news, events and issues important to the local radio audience in zip codes (64106, 64111, 64127, 64128, 64129, 64130 and 64132.

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